Sharing my blog is actually a very big, heart felt thing for me to do. Its like being in a room NAKED full of people who can see you when you can’t see. But I realised, what do I have to hide? This is me. Theres nothing I should be scared of. I once got told to ‘never stop talking, make people listen to you’. And ever since I’ve never shut up. I do feel a little exposed, but I have nothing to hide and all I hope to do is get people thinking, share a little something, express my opinions. Everything I write here is my voice, my thoughts, it makes up who I am as a person. So Welcome, I’m Jasmin.

I don’t write on here too often; every few months I get inspired and passionate about a topic and then I can’t stop thinking about it until I’ve written all about it. Writing is one of my favourite hobbies, I do it for myself but I do hope you enjoy a little read.


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