Dear Everyday Driver,

This is probably just going to be another opinionated writer with another rant. And yes.. I do plan to be opinionated and have a good rant. Drink driving! A topic everyone hears of, every pubescent teenager has at least “wasted” a good 10 hours of their lives listening (or pretending to) to mandatory lectures on the subject. In all honesty I don’t think the reality  of this topic comes to light until you see it with your own eyes. But I’ve got a story I’d like to share with you:

I stopped at the lights on the way home from my brothers apartment, my heart started racing a million miles an hour when I see both doors on the car in front of me open abruptly.  I thought, “SHIT” as I remember subtly shouting at them to go the speed limit only moments before. (I’ll inform you though, my windows where up and I do not have physical capacity to be loud).  Many thoughts ticked through my mind..maybe this is how little Jasmin will go. I’m going to be beaten up by two dodgy looking bogans. They both stepped out of their car and to my relief were simply changing drivers. Yet my heart was still racing and I started to feel guilty for jumping to such a judgemental presumption that elicited thoughts of dismay. I continued on my drive, my thoughts moving to the annoying people on the radio talking about Adele. Thats when I saw the same car I’d been following begin to swerve all over the road. They’d move over the line on the far right, only to swerve on over to left with absence of any indication. Too much effort I suppose. My stomach filled with concern and angst as I continued to follow them. My mind started to conjecture as to why I was seeing what I was seeing. Where these people drunk? They were going to kill someone.

Next I see my turn off, slightly relieved slightly terrified to see the car in front without a turn off signal. Except, before my eyes they swerve over to the left then straight back over to the right lane. They’ve clearly forgotten their turn off so they dangerously slam into and over the island, right in front of me. Smoke starts to rush out of their car as they swerve over to the other side of the road, cutting it too close to the edge. This is all happening right in front of me and I am terrified. I slow right down sure that something else is going to happen. These people are idiots. Putting everyone else’s lives at risk. I slow right down and new cars coming up behind me are starting to get very confused as to what the hell I’m going so slow for. As suspected  the car does not stop like any sane person would to check to see if their car is about to blow up. With the state of their car and quality of their driving I was slightly expecting it. But I continued to watch their car with caution as they turn off, once again at the same place I will. I watched them for a few more moments before they are too far in front, so I drive home.

I felt shocked. I felt bemused by what I had just seen. Not only that but I wanted to burst into tears thinking about all the effects these people could have. I don’t know if anything has happened yet, but I’m keeping my eyes pealed on the news this evening. I didn’t call the police. I didn’t even think to get the number plate. I feel useless in a way, but what could I have done? I would have been of little use to the police, with no sufficient information and no evidence of actions.

But honestly..PEOPLE.. what the hell is wrong with you? I mean fine, if you want to put yourself in that situation go off into isolated bush somewhere and blatantly kill yourself. But DO NOT put other peoples lives at risk. Some people are just so damn selfish. They don’t think before they do. And yes sometimes none of us do, but situations involving driving under the influence or recklessly NEED to be thought through, if not by you by someone sensible. Obviously some people are too thick. But what is wrong with you? Open your eyes, grow up and start thinking about the repercussions that your actions could have on other peoples lives. That goes for reckless driving too. And yes in regards to that, I’m looking at you young guys with hot shot cars and the maturity  and driving skills of a 5 year old. I feel like everyone needs to be put into a real life situation like this in order for them to apprehend and embellish the seriousness of such blatant, ignorant acts. But think about it before it happens. My message is simple, don’t be stupid. My rant is over.

~ Jasmin



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