Dear Mr Wrong,

I look for quotes to try and explain it. Why do I still think about you? Why do I compare every other guy to you?

I’ve tried my best to let you go, and I know we’re both on different paths, going different places, dating different people. But it still astounds me how often you’re still their. As much as I’ve tried I can’t forget you. I can’t forget your cheeky smile, you’re favourite movie being the little prince, you’re sneaker obsession, the way you looked at me; Like I was the most beautiful thing you’ve ever laid eyes on. And I miss you, I miss how excited you were to see me, how in the beginning we were both so excited. I missed how I told you everything and you listened.

And it makes me sad to think about how we failed, and how even though we could try again, it most probably won’t work. Because you’re not the same person you were in the beginning and I don’t think I’ll ever get that guy back. The memories while making me smile, also make me sad to realise it can’t ever be like that again.

You were my first love, and even though I may have blocked you out; I wish I could talk to you and I wish things could be different. But I think its too painful to go down that road again. No matter how mad I get about how you treated me, that can’t take away the fact that I had so much love for you.

“Maybe we’ll met again when we’re older and lives less hectic, and I’ll be right for you and you’ll be right for me. But right now I am chaos to your thoughts and you are poison to my heart.”

I hope you’re doing well.



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