trivia // infinity

Everyones so caught up in trivial things. In their followings, their Instagram likes, the clothes they wear, the car they drive, the expensive / designer things they have, in celebrities lives, in everybody else’s lives.

I find myself looking up at the sky sometimes, at the stars or the clouds and trying to fathom what the hell I’m looking at. What the hell is out there? We’re all so caught up in everything here, that we forget how small we really are in the scheme of things. Now I’m not saying we’re not important but I feel like we could all live a little differently, for the better. We’re not here to compare ourselves or to care about our images because that doesn’t matter.  I think we’re here to really experience our world, things that make us look at life a little differently. Staring into a deep night sky, learning as much as we can about vast phenomenon, assimilating wisdom, and experiencing the beautiful yet extraterrestrial experiences we can. Swimming in the ocean when it rains, walking through the wilderness, looking down at the world when up a tree, being swept away by the ocean’s tide.

Yet we latch on to so much when we could be living so much simpler. Look into infinity and question whats important and worth your energy and time here. I just call you to fill yourself up with experiences and knowledge that make you look at life differently. Its a beautiful thing. Looking into infinity.


~ bai (20/05/2018)


m e d i o c r e


Or you got stuck in a job you hate. Or you don’t take opportunities you could have out of fear. Or you stay in mediocre relationships, with mediocre friends. Or you live your life based on how other people think you should. Or you settle for less than you want.


Too real


You look better..

‘You look better with long hair. Don’t wear baggy jeans, wear tight jeans.  Your arms are kinda fat. Use this filter more. I thought you were a natural girl. Keep your hair down, don’t tie it up’

Just a few of the remarks that have been said to me regarding my looks. This stuff use to get to me; I use to worry about it and take what these people said to heart. People say these things as though they think they have a right to comment or judge how I look or express myself. So this is just a little bit of a fuck you to people out there who instead of respecting others way of expressing themselves, decide to put their unwanted opinion in. You have no right to tell someone else what to do or try and mould them into who you think they should be. So all in all, stay true to yourself and remove people who try to tell you how to look, dress or act. Be a tom boy one day, wear trackies and hoodies for a week, dress cute the next day, preppy another, go all out in black, wear extravagant makeup, giant earrings, keep your beautiful arms and legs out to see the world, wear your hair slicked back and don’t give a shit what anyone else thinks. Do what you want.

And to those people ^ stop judging others

thats all, thanks, byee

~ Jasmin




Soul Food

I love the feeling of being absolutely in love with yourself and your life. Find what feeds you soul and keep at it. Do what makes you happy, take time for yourself and follow your passions. I love drawing, painting or writing, it really feeds my soul. Much love x


I’ve been thinking a bit lately, a bit about women. I want to talk about girl on girl hate.

Firstly I’ll share a little story; Someone who was once very important to me has moved onto someone new. She beautiful, she looks really cool and smart. I don’t know her at all, but I feel as though society has programmed me to dislike her. When in reality she’s probably a really amazing chick. I think society embeds in us that other women are our competition. Theres some scientific theories and research on why this is the case, but really I think its because we’re taught that in order to feel like we’re adequate enough, we need to put down other women different from us.

The girl in the library studying the same unit as you with big lips, shiny hair and big boobs, why do you automatically dislike her? Is she not just like you, trying her best? But.. you judge her. Even before speaking to her you decide you don’t like her. Almost as though its a competition. But WHY is it such a competition? Can’t we all just be happy with ourselves?

I have two plans of action; firstly when you catch yourself judging, pointing out flaws, thinking your better than another woman, STOP! Because you know what? We’re ALL living in this damn messed up society that teaches us we’re not good enough. Its hard enough trying to love yourself when you’re constantly told not to. So why are we letting society win  and deciding other women are our competition? Its time to stop and its time to start reverting, time to start LOVING, start complimenting, respecting and admiring other women. Because no two of us are the same, no two of us have the same strengths or flaws. Don’t hate on that girl in your class who has a lot to say don’t hate on those popular girls from high school, don’t hate on your exes new girlfriend, or your ex friends. Do yourself as well as them a favour, stop comparing yourself and start empowering each other. Realise how amazing, unique and individual we all are.

Secondly; Give yourself a break. Focus on what makes you unique. Stop aspiring to be perfect or to be like somebody else. Nobody is perfect because we all have insecurities and we all feel like we aren’t good enough sometimes. Fuck being perfect. Being perfect has no substance anyway. Nobody should expect you to be perfect. Men/women worth dating will want you because of how unique you are, not because you’re some messed up version of “perfect”.

Don’t judge the girls making out on the dance floor, don’t judge the girl who has been in the same relationship since she was 13, don’t judge the girl working at the lingerie shop, don’t judge the girl smoking and don’t judge the girl who doesn’t smile back at you. We’re all in this together. All of us. You can’t empower women while excluding some or gossiping about others. Its ALL or none. Stop degrading women in any way, shape or form. We’re all going through, going to go through or have been through some complete shit.

Take charge of yourself and stop invading another. Stop gossiping about others, no matter how bad you think they are. Treat each other respectfully, like sisters.

Realise we’re all in this together, and recognise how special you are. =)

~ Jasmin

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Jasmin’s Travels

5 Weeks galavanting around Europe went way too fast. I’d spent years dreaming and saving to just getaway. I was so inspired to leave and explore cities I’d read about in books. And I can honestly say my trip was the best time of my life, so far.

I saw cities, countries, people and cultures so different to mine yet so beautiful and intriguing. I started off with two weeks in England, in a smaller city called Brighton, a few days in London and a week or so in Amersham and its surrounding country towns. Now I’ve been to England a few times before but it is different every time. I love the architecture in England, the old cobble stone streets, the exquisite churches, parliament buildings, classic black cabs and red double deckers. While the winter weather was quite gloomy (as I was warned many times), I love the place, England is my second home.

The emphasis on art and history astounds me of all of Europe. I further travelled to; France; Switzerland, Czech Republic, Italy, Austria, Germany and the Netherlands.


A swiss rooftop;

IMG_1232.jpgAbove Prague with its red rooftops;IMG_1720.jpg

Snow scattered Salzburg, AustriaIMG_1679.jpgMy favourite for sure was Italy, specifically Rome and Florence. Italy is stunning. All the people I encountered were so beautiful, welcoming and kind. You walk down a street in Rome only to be overcome with the ancient history you pass by, ancient ruins surrounded my modern day life. It its truly unique. Language was no barrier and the culture there was so exuberant. Early on in Italy I felt pangs of passion for the country, the language and culture. I’m determined that every time I visit Italy in the future my passion will perpetuate. I fell in love with the country.

IMG_1420.jpg An Italian women looks out her window. (if you can’t tell; it was the simplest things I loved the most)IMG_1419.jpg

Pizza!!! (the pasta was to die for though)


A ruined Colloseum

My second favourites were on par with each other. Berlin, Germany and Amsterdam Netherlands. Once again both of these places have such strong and important history which I became extremely interested in. Having little proper knowledge of the Holocaust, Hitlers engagements and relating history everything was an eye opener for me. I was literally astonished. I went to many museums and educated myself of such a terrible history.

On another note. Berlin was just a stunning city, somewhere I vowed to go back to.  One of the places that inspired me. The Germans also came across as extremely kind people and their food was amazing (so deep fried). I feel like you really have to go there yourself and see what you feel to understand what I mean.


Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe (Berlin)

IMG_1805.jpgEastside Gallery (Art of the Berlin wall)IMG_1789.jpg

A schnitzel burger (Hash browns as buns??? So cool. Accidentally ordered chips as well oops..)

Amsterdam was literally magical. It is so relaxed there, everything and everyone is so chill. Everything is legal there and I think thats half the charm of the atmosphere. Honestly one of the best cities I’ve been to. They rode their bikes everywhere, their streets  and houses were so cute. They’re obsessed with art and music. Its hard to explain these places that just stuck with me. I really feel like you have to go there yourself.


These three cities gave me a feeling thats hard to describe, I felt so inspired being in them, like I could do anything. I felt so passionate and happy about being at these three places specifically, and I think feelings like this shouldn’t be ignored. You fall in love with people yes but you can fall in love with cities which is truly magical different kind of love.

TRAVEL my friends. I’ve only seen the tip of the iceberg for sure, but a life changing iceburg that was. Save your money and spend it on travelling. Life shouldn’t be about things, it should be about experiences. I can’t express how much I loved it. If you do anything, go travelling.

As soon as I save up enough, I’ll be back.

See you there. Don’t ignore your wanderlust.

Jasmin x



Fuck the timeline

Independent young women!!!!!!! Thats me, or at least what I aspire to be.

Now lets talk about society and the expectations for a young women to abide to the norm. Lets get a picture shall we; the generality for a young women’s life goes something along the lines of ; school; further education/training/ job/ marriage/kids/ family// death?

And even though it might not be verbally expressed or written down as rules; its whats expected, its the norm, right?

I feel as though it is expected not by specific people but by the world and by society to follow this little timeline. But I think real independence is living your life the way YOU want to regardless of any other external influences. And I guess some young women wouldn’t question this timeline, because its just the way it is right?
I don’t want my life to revolve around ‘be swept off of my feet’ by a man (as many have said to me) and then live my life based on how they want me to. Now we’re together we’ll have kids.. blah blah. But I guess what I’m trying to say is that I think its ok to be different. Personally I want to go and travel and maybe even move to a different country in the future, and I just want the non judgemental freedom to be able to do that. To not have other people judge my life choices because they don’t fit in with the timeline.

Anyhow I’m not saying I don’t want kids, because I love babies too much not to have my own. I just want us to be able to be truly free as independent woman, to realise that it is OKAY to differ from the timeline. Don’t let other people determine what you do. Be your own person. Move countries if you want. Become and artist, a writer. Be polymonogamous if you want. Do whatever the fuck you want.


~ Jasmin

A wave of ignorance

Is ignorance really bliss?

As young girl, and I guess even now, I was ignorant and unaware of the world. This ignorance can also be attributed to my lack of motivation to want to know about the world and to ensure I was happy. In doing this, I guess you could say I kind of dismissed certain topics in the world and remained unaware of the big bad world. I guess you could say I was in a bubble. This isn’t necessarily specific to me as an individual, but as kids and even adolescents, we are ignorant, we want the world to be a good place.

But as I’ve grown older, I’ve experienced things and been exposed to very sad, horrible situations. And now as I see and understand its necessary to be exposed to these things. Its necessary to see the world as it is. Our society is fame and money hungry. Countries are corrupt. Terminal illnesses are a reality.  Wars are occurring as we speak, people are dying. Our loved ones are dying. People are sadistic and evil.

In regards to being exposed to these topics, a different topic I’d like to touch on is mental illness. I was briefly exposed to the world of mental illness as someone  close to me was diagnosed. It was bad for a little while, but drugs were prescribed and the whole situation went away. I had a little bit of knowledge but my awareness and motivation to become more knowledgable subsided with the drugs that were prescribed and the topic no longer being a very common discussion. Things returned to normal. Yet years later, mental illness became timely relevant. A few years older, more mature and a little more knowledgeable I realised how real mental illness is. I did my best to take the relevant actions in order to help and I’ve learnt more. The thing is, had I not have been directly exposed to any mental illness, I would not have bothered. And I know for a fact many many people are completely unaware of the topic. People see odd people in the street and automatically label them as crazy, and if we’re being brutally honest, uneducated, unaware me would have probably done the same. As a society we don’t know much and this is disheartening. The lack of understanding is devastating.  I’m not saying I am an expert myself because I am not, I have so much to learn. I know that without being a person affected by mental illness myself, I will never ever know the effects it has on the individual. I won’t even come close. I’ve read peoples accounts of what living with different kind of mental illness is like, and I really can’t comprehend it at all.

I want to help, I want to get even the smallest grasp. I want people to become aware. I want to cause a thought provoking ripple surrounding the topic, resulting in people who have a basic understanding of mental illness and not automatically label someone as ‘crazy’. Because they’re not. They are a wholesome person. Just like some people happen to have a physical illness affecting their body, these people happen to have an illness that affects their thoughts. We don’t know enough about the the causes, implications etc of illnesses, physical or mental. And this brings me back to ignorance. We know very little.

I hope we will learn more, become more aware, become more accepting and full of love.

I’m urging us to be aware.

Stop going nonstop!

Hello fellow bloggers,

Today I just wanted to do a bit of an update and share a little something I’ve learned. Lately I’ve been going full on. I’ve been working 4-5 times a week as well as going to University 3 times a week. In the small gaps in between I’ve been eating out, seeing people who tell me I’m always so “busy” (to keep them happy). Between catching up with friends, family commitments, working, studying and classes, I haven’t stopped. Ideally it sounds like the perfect lifestyle; working, studying, seeing friends. But its not realistic.

The last 2 months I’ve been to the doctor 3 times; first it was tonsillitis, then an upper respiratory tract infection and then the same respiratory infection and conjunctivitis. My Immune system has been so SUCKY! After literally NEVER getting sick at school before about year 11 (when the stress crept in), this has been constant. I’ve constantly been feeling ill. But thats enough who ha, you get the picture, right?

So lets get to the bottom of it.  Its my non stop lifestyle. I’ve had no time to just stop and look around, its always go go go. Time to relax, I’m seeing is crucial. With our stressful modern day lifestyles, all the pressures that come along with it; we owe it to ourselves to give a little back. Have a bath; have a nap; read a book for an afternoon; just stop and rest. The doctor said that word, my mum said that word, my bestfriend said that word, therefore it must be important.


As a uni student I’ve decided to cut down. Cut down on all the obligations I feel I must uphold. These include catching up with people instead of having a day or afternoon off to myself. I never shut up about putting yourself first emotionally, so i need to start putting myself physically and uphold a positive wellbeing. So bye bye working 5 shifts a week, I’m going to start saying no. Bye bye catching up with people non stop during my free time, and hello me time, hello lazy afternoons lying on the coach or reading a book in the sun. Hello rest.

What I’m trying to get across people is we think we’re looking after ourselves, but going non stop isn’t doing us any good. Sometimes the vision you have in your head Jasmin of a go go go girl who gets everything done and keeps everyone happy is not attainable. Theres nothing wrong with a women who takes the time out for herself.

Theres nothing wrong with scheduling some rest time. Look after yourselves.